Roberta Bigliani

Roberta Bigliani

Vice President, IDC Energy Insights, IDC Government Insights and IDC Health Insights

Mrs. Bigliani joined IDC in 2007 and in her role, she is responsible for EMEA research-based advisory and consulting services, which provide full coverage of the energy industry value chain including both utilities and oil & gas segments. Her area of expertise includes business and IT issues relevant to the utilities and oil and gas business, as well as sustainability, energy efficiency and clean technologies.

Mrs. Bigliani has over 18 years of experience in the gas and electricity industry. Prior to joining IDC Energy Insights, she worked for Accenture where she led consulting projects for all major Italian Utilities and Oil & Gas companies. Over the last four years, she joined Accenture's Integrated Marketing Practice where she was responsible for Utilities at the European level and for the Generation & Energy Markets at the global level.

Mrs. Bigliani is a regular contributor to the IDC Energy Insights blog on the IDC Energy Insights Community and tweets (@rbigliani) on business and IT issues relevant to the Energy sector.

In 2008, Mrs. Bigliani joined the European Commission DG Information and Society consultation group on Smart grids. In 2009, on behalf of the European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry, she led a specific project on ICT in the European Utilities industry.

Mrs. Bigliani is one of leading analyst of IDC special study "How Global Usage of Information and Communications Technologies Impact on Sustainability" released in concomitance with the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen last December 2009.

Mrs. Bigliani is the author of several reports and a contributor on energy issues for specialist publications. She is also a regular conference speaker.

She is based in Milan (Italy), where she lives with her husband and her two daughters.