Giorgio Nebuloni

Giorgio Nebuloni

Research Director European Systems and Infrastructure Solutions, IDC

As an Associate Research Director European Systems and Infrastructure Solutions, Giorgio Nebuloni is involved in three areas of research at IDC. Firstly, he is responsible for shaping IDC’s research agenda in Europe around enterprise computing and datacenter topics, from facility elements to server hardware, to OS, virtualization and system management software.

Secondly, Nebuloni leads a team of analysts producing IDC Trackers on a quarterly basis and providing the full competitive picture on several segments of the server, storage and integrated systems markets in Western Europe. In previous years, he has contributed to IDC's worldwide taxonomy efforts in defining and sizing density-optimized servers, and worked in the international team that launched IDC Integrated System Tracker.

Finally, in addition to his role in the datacenter domain, Nebuloni is actively involved as a co-lead in the European Cloud Practice, a group that brings together analysts from different backgrounds and provides customers with a holistic view on the impact that cloud is having on traditional market and IT buying patterns.

Beside the standard research that he carries out, Nebuloni also works in close cooperation with the IDC consulting team, helping clients plan their campaigns and position new products for the European market through surveys, workshops, and customer presentations. Recently he has presented on the multiple facets of hybrid cloud, the value proposition of integrated/converged systems and the hardware requirements of SAP HANA workloads.

Based in Germany, Nebuloni has often been quoted in leading publications including Die Zeit,, Computerworld, Computerwoche, and Zdnet, and he has spoken at several IDC and industry events on enterprise technology topics. Before joining IDC as a server analyst, Nebuloni worked as a technical journalist for a B2B magazine in Milan, primarily covering topics related to IT infrastructure. Nebuloni is a native Italian speaker with full command of English and German.

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